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Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine

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A fellowship in critical care medicine is an advanced medical training program designed to provide physicians with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of critical care. Critical care medicine focuses on the management and treatment of patients with life-threatening conditions or severe injuries. It requires expertise in various medical specialties, including internal medicine, anesthesiology, pulmonology, and emergency medicine. During a critical care medicine fellowship, physicians receive comprehensive training in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of critically ill patients. Fellows work in intensive care units (ICUs) and gain hands-on experience in managing a wide range of critical conditions, such as severe infections, respiratory failure, shock, trauma, and organ dysfunction.

The primary goal of a critical care medicine fellowship is to develop highly skilled and competent intensivists who can provide comprehensive care to critically ill patients. Fellows learn to make quick and accurate decisions in high-pressure situations, manage complex treatment plans, and utilize advanced life support techniques. They also gain expertise in various procedures commonly performed in the ICU, including intubation, central line placement, and mechanical ventilation.

Upon completion of the programme learners will be able to:

  • Provide essential care to the patient who is admitted in the ICU
  • Provide airway management & tracheostomy care
  • Manage patients on ventilation support
  • Provide counseling to ICU patients and their attendants
  • Provide comprehensive ICU care & management

Programmes at MediCOLL learning are developed by eminent doctors with rich clinical experience across the medical field that enhance learners skills, attributes and expertise substantially that allows them to build their career more proficiently. Join the programme and nourish your clinical practice.

Key Features

Fellowship Program in 2d Echocardiography

This course will gives you a in-depth knowledge of quality and safety needs, ICU setup, general principles of critical care and management of specific critical illnesses.

Fellowship Program in Emergency Medicine

Access to books and videos from Royal College of General Practitioners, NHS, UK

Fellowship Program in Nephrology

Clinical experience of practical training in a leading corporate hospital guided by experts .

Family Medicine

Up-skill yourself in critical care medicine by learning & case studies in special population

12 Months of online classes which includes 2 months of Clinical Observership in a leading hospital under the guidance of a Critical Care medicine Specialist.

  • Classes by experienced faculties
  • Flexible learning mode
  • Live doubt clearing sessions
  • Educator support through LMS
  • Periodic Webinars
  • CPD- Continuing Professional Development
  • Collaboration with e-Integrity to provide world class training program from UK National Health services.
  • Scholarship available for deserving candidates (conditions apply)

Optional Simulation Training-

  • Simulation training on Non-invasive Ventilation
  • Simulation training on BLS & ACLS
  • Simulation training on Trauma
  • Management of Cardiac Emergency

Introduction to critical care medicine

  • Resuscitation and initial management of acutely ill
  • Shock management
  • ICU investigations and drugs
  • Acid base abnormalities
  • Electrolyte abnormalities
  • Nutritional assessment and support

Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Shock
  • Heart Failure
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Aortic Dissection
  • Hypertensive crisis
  • Cardiac Emergency Management

Haematology and Oncology problems

  • Bleeding disorders & Blood Transfusion
  • Haematological malignancies & Oncologic emergencies

Pulmonary Diseases

  • Pulmonary oedema
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
  • Asthma
  • Chest trauma
  • Ventilator therapy – invasive & non-invasive
  • Airway Management & Tracheostomy

Gastrointestinal Diseases

  • Acute Pancreatitis
  • Acute Liver Failure
  • Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
  • Bowel Obstruction
  • Abdominal Trauma

Renal Diseases

  • Oliguria
  • Acute Renal Failure,
  • Chronic Renal Failure

Neurological Diseases

  • Coma
  • Headtrauma
  • Cerebrovascular accidents-stroke
  • CNS infections
  • Spinal cord injury

Infectious Diseases

  • Infections in the immune compromised patient
  • Antimicrobial Therapy

Overdose and Poisoning Case

  • Poisoning and drug overdose
  • Drug Reactions
  • Anaphylaxis
  • MBBS Graduates.
  • Applicants who are in their final year can also apply.
  • MD/DNB/FNB & residents working in healthcare.


Programme Validity – 10 months (online) + 2 month(Practical training).
There will be an extra charge for the extension of the course validity.

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Why Choose Us

Choose excellence, choose innovation, choose success—choose the Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at MediCOLL Learning. Your journey to becoming a skilled and compassionate critical care physician begins here. Our program stands out as a premier choice for those seeking comprehensive, hands-on training in critical care. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Expert Faculty
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Hands-On Training
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Flexible Learning Options
  • Global Recognition
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Comprehensive Support Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on clinical experience, expert faculty, and commitment to staying at the forefront of critical care medicine. We prioritize a holistic approach, ensuring our fellows are well-prepared for the challenges of the field.

The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cover a broad spectrum of critical care topics, including but not limited to respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and renal care. It integrates the latest advancements, evidence-based practices, and interdisciplinary perspectives to provide a well-rounded education.

Our program emphasizes hands-on clinical experience in state-of-the-art facilities. Fellows will be exposed to a variety of critical care scenarios, gaining practical skills and confidence in managing diverse patient cases under the guidance of experienced mentors.

We encourage and support fellows in engaging in meaningful research projects. Our faculty members, with extensive research experience, provide mentorship, and resources to help fellows contribute to the advancement of critical care medicine through scholarly activities.

Yes, our program offers flexibility to accommodate various schedules. We understand the demands of a medical career and strive to make our fellowship accessible. Both part-time and online options are available to suit the needs of aspiring critical care professionals.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is a key focus of our program. Fellows will have opportunities to work alongside healthcare professionals from different specialties, fostering a collaborative learning environment. This approach prepares graduates for effective teamwork in real-world critical care settings.

Simulation training is an integral part of our fellowship. Fellows engage in realistic scenarios using cutting-edge simulation technology to enhance their practical skills. These simulations mimic critical care situations, ensuring that fellows are well-prepared for the challenges they may face in their careers.

Our program facilitates networking through an extensive alumni network and collaborations with professionals in the field. We host events, conferences, and workshops that provide networking opportunities, fostering connections that can contribute to career growth.

We prioritize a supportive learning environment. Fellows receive guidance from experienced faculty, mentors, and fellow participants. We are committed to the success and well-being of our fellows, ensuring they have the resources and support them need throughout their training.

Many of our past graduates have gone on to make significant contributions to the field of critical care medicine. While we respect the privacy of our alumni, we can share success stories and achievements as inspiration during the program. Please inquire for more details.

Programme Director

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Dr. Anjali Bhatt

Founder and Consultant
MBBS, MD, F.DIAB, F.Endo, MSc Endo, Pune
As a practicing diabetes, endocrine and metabolic physician, She strongly believe that life-style plays an important role in management of obesity, diabetes and to a large extent other hormonal disorders. She's passionate about working on various methods that can reverse life-style disorders and help improve metabolism.

Course Mentor

 Dr. Debtanu Banerjee
Dr. Debtanu Banerjee

Emergency medical officer, kpc medical college and hospital, medical officer intensive care unit, microlap hospital.

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Eintegrity healthcare e-learning
University of Liverool
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
Royal College of Physicians
Mangalayatan University
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