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Medicoll Learning's Online/blended mode postgraduate programs are healthcare development programs innovatively designed by eminent KOLs / Medical Professors / Clinicians. These programs are designed for physicians who want to improve their skills and advance their careers through cutting-edge learning in their chosen specialties. Think of it as an alternative to FNB, carefully curated by our experts to award FNB like academic achievement and patient outcomes. These programs include academically oriented doctors’ preparation sessions, advanced interactive programs that include immersive learning in real-time online classes, and clinical training in prestigious multi-specialty hospitals where participants work alongside experienced specialized doctors. These programs are carefully designed to provide a complete and in-depth learning experience with hands-on exposure in real healthcare settings, offering maximum benefits during the time physicians commit to the same.

Fellowship postgraduate programs are distinctive and one of its kind, offering a practical, academically oriented, and hands-on approach to learning. They are viable alternatives to traditional fellowships and other postgraduate programs for busy medical professionals who cannot afford to take a 12- to 24-month break from their careers. During 12 months, participants will train in: a certificate program that offers academic content certified by one or more prestigious medical institutions, an accredited 9-month interactive advanced program, a combination of academic lectures by world-renowned experts, and a regular live interactive program. Doubt clearing sessions and case discussions to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject A three-month hands-on training program where participants discuss real-life examples and spend time on practical applications to help put concepts into practice through clinical training in top hospitals. under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Medical council of India/National medical council does not recognize courses that are offered through online or blended learning platform. In collaboration with leading industry experts, we provide you with the best state of the art learning content with an endeavor to train you to become well- equipped and proficient in-patient care through this course.

Course will be delivered via online mode through LMS (Learning management system) students will be provided their personalized login credentials which will include all the information regarding there course curriculum

MediCOLL Learning offers a variety of programs in various clinical areas and specialties. For updated lists and details of current and upcoming courses, please visit MediColl

The total cost of the programs varies according to the specialties. View the list of courses and applicable fees at MediColl or speak to an MediCOLL Learning admissions counselor.

The programs are innovatively designed, keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of doctors regardless of the number of years of experience under their belt. These are viable alternatives to traditional fellow programs, fellowships, and post graduate degree/ Certificate programs. Medical graduates and post graduates across streams including specialists will immensely benefit from these programs. These programs are also designed for Ayush doctors.

Certainly! As part of fellowship programs, MediCOLL Learning offers a list of hospitals that include corporate hospital chains. Participants may select any number of specialty hospitals in which they wish to do a clinical rotation/observation, subject to availability. It is important to note that once a selection has been made, transfer to another hospital center is not permitted unless the cancellation is approved by the hospital partner. In addition, each participant receives an experienced mentor to ensure a rewarding and enriching learning journey.

Fellowship programs offered by MediCOLL Learning Academy are a viable alternative to traditional offline/college fellowship/degree programs and are designed to enhance participants' clinical skills and deepen their knowledge of medical practice in a dynamic learning environment. These programs last 12 months and are designed as an immersive learning experience that consists of three distinct phases. The final stage is the clinical training phase and participation in one of the selected multi-specialty hospitals is mandatory for successful program completion and certification.

Participants are responsible for accommodation, travel, and other expenses.

Participants are responsible for accommodation, travel, and other expenses.

MediCOLL Learning programs are divided into distinct phases, each with its own unique focus. The first step is a 9-month highly developed interactive program that includes academic lectures by world-renowned experts, periodic interactive live seminars, and case discussions to deepen participants' knowledge. The next stage involves clinical training in a large hospital. In this phase, participants engage in real cases and interact with experienced professionals to gain practical knowledge and apply theoretical concepts in a clinical setting. The goal of this phase is to provide participants with the experience and confidence to succeed in clinical practice, provide quality treatment to patients and advance their careers.

All assessments will be based on online tests.

You will be given three attempts to clear the exams. If you are not able to clear the final test in three attempts also, then you will have to pay the re-activation fee for the exam